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Dermatology Dermatology



Vaselix range products contain salicylic acid as a main active ingredient, at concentrations ranging from 5% to 40%.


Salicylic acid is an active ingredient, which is very useful for hyperkeratosis, situations of various origins where the skin is over-thickened (for instance, psoriasis, actinic keratosis, chronic eczema, or calluses, amongst many others).


Salicylic acid is a reference keratolytic in dermatology, which acts by exfoliating and eliminating hyperkeratotic skin.


The Vaselix range includes innovative formulations of excellent pharmaceutical products, which are not oily, and are patented from its own pharmaceutical development research. This range includes preparations containing from 5% to 20% salicylic acid to treat mild (Vaselix 5%), moderate (Vaselix 10%) and severe hyperkeratosis (Vaselix 20% and Vaselix 40%).


Vaselix is also supplied as a hair gel (Vaselix 10% Scalp Gel) with innovative pharmaceutical development which enables application onto the scalp without making it greasy or leaving residues, and is easily spread, has a pleasant fragrance and proven stability (does not become rancid).


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