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General Practice

General Practice General Practice

Alopecia and nail disorders

Hair and nails are structures related to the skin, which help us to protect ourselves from the environment, increase touch sensitivity and, in the case of nails, help us perform precision movements. 

Hair and nails

They are made of keratin, a structural protein rich in sulphur-containing amino acids such as cystine. As they are tissues in constant regeneration, they need essential nutrients (amino acids, trace elements and vitamins) which are included in a healthy balanced diet. Unsuitable dietary habits can lead to frail, brittle nails and/or weak, frail and brittle hair with a loss of shine and without flexibility.


Both structures are exposed to constant external aggression factors (local action of physical and chemical agents, repeated microtraumas, frequent immersion in water, etc.) and internal aggression factors (genetics, hormone levels, stress, pregnancy, menopause, etc.), which can affect their structure and function. For instance, hair loss or alopecia can occur due to genetic factors (such as androgenic alopecia or common baldness), nutritional deficiencies (for instance, alopecia for iron or zinc deficiencies), situations involving hormonal changes and/or stress (such as post-partum alopecia), amongst other causes. 


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