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Dermo-cosmétique Dermo-cosmétique

Beauté et soins pour les yeux sensibles

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In addition to exerting a protective function, the eyelashes and eye contour are responsible for defining a person's look and improving facial beauty. Daily care using specific products is essential for achieving a young, fresh, radiant look.

The eyelashes and the eye contour

Eyelashes have a hair-like structure. They are mainly formed of keratin, which is responsible for their elasticity and resistance. Their colour is due to the melanin pigments and ranges from light blond to black. The eyelashes filter sunlight and protect the eyes by preventing the entry of foreign bodies.


The eye contour, also known as the periocular area, has much thinner skin than the rest of the face, making it more sensitive to both ageing and dehydration. The loss of firmness and elasticity of the skin contour is shown by the appearance of wrinkles, whilst fluid retention due to lack of drainage and slow microcirculation in the periocular area can lead to puffiness and bags under the eyes.


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