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Dermocosmetics Dermocosmetics

Facial care

Over time, the skin of the face suffers changes that alter its structure, and so its needs at each stage of life are different. Daily facial care using formulas adapted to each skin type is essential for softening and preventing signs of ageing and being able to maintain the skin's natural beauty.

Skin care

Young skin often has excess grease, which leads to the appearance of pimples, blackheads and sheen in the so-called \'T-zone\' (the area of the nose and forehead).

Once adulthood has arrived, the skin starts to lose its luminosity; the skin tone is not as homogeneous and the first expression lines appear.

From the age of 40, these wrinkles start to become more accentuated, especially on the forehead, in the grooves of the nose and around the eyes. The first symptoms of loosening also appear on the face and neck, and the skin needs more and more hydration due to hormonal changes.

After the menopause, the skin returns to being finer and fragile, and the degradation of collagen and elastin fibres is ever more noticeable, leading to a loss of elasticity and tone. The tissues relax and the oval of the face becomes less and less pronounced.


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