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Consumer Healthcare

Consumer Healthcare Consumer Healthcare

Foot and hand care

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Feet are usually the forgotten area in body care, despite being a vital part of our bodies and their condition affecting our general health. The fact that they are almost always enclosed in shoes and are a poorly exposed body part makes us forget about them easily and we only remember them when they send as a signal that something is not right, through pain, swelling, bad odour or excessive dryness.

The hands

Unlike feet, our hands are a visible part of our bodies, exposed to external factors. Hands are a basic tool in our daily life. We use them to express ourselves, work, eat, move, wave, caress, etc.


The cold, wind, sun exposure, temperature changes, continuous contact with water, the use of aggressive gels and detergents, amongst others, make the skin on our hands become dehydrated more easily and we often suffer from chapped, rough skin.

Paying special and continual attention to each and every part of our body, including the feet and hands, is one of the key aspects of achieving a perfect balance and greater well-being.


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