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Dermatology Dermatology


The sweat glands are located in the skin and are involved in the physiological phenomenon of sweating or perspiration, which regulates body temperature. 

Sweat gland

The activity of the sweat gland is influenced by various factors (genetics, hormones, temperature changes, stress, emotions, etc.). When sweating is excessive, beyond what is needed for temperature regulation, or there is an exaggerated response to stimuli, hyperhidrosis is considered to exist (excessive pathological sweating).


Hyperhidrosis generally affects the body areas where more glands are located: the hands, face, armpits, and feet. People suffering from it are at a higher risk of suffering from skin infections, such as warts, athlete's foot and pitted keratolysis, etc., as the maceration taking place in the skin affects its protective barrier function. It can become a disabling condition, with social implications causing anxiety and loss of quality of life in patients. It is estimated that it affects 0.5-1% of the populations of developed countries and in 65% of cases it is normal for it to affect more than one member of the same family.


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