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Dermocosmetics Dermocosmetics

Quilian Deodorant Cream
Body hygiene

Quilian Deodorant Cream

30 ml tube

50 ml tube 

Quilian Deodorant Cream regulates body perspiration and prevents the breakdown of sweat, suppressing the characteristic unpleasant odour. Its smooth penetrating texture does not stain or make skin greasy. Alcohol-free.


Quilian Deodorant Cream is supplied as a tube with an applicator, ensuring maximum hygiene and convenience of use.


The powerful action of Quilian Deodorant Cream means that a single product application is enough for its effect to last 24 hours a day.


Directions for use

One daily application is generally sufficient. Two applications a day may be performed if necessary. Apply after the daily hygiene routine to dry skin, until it is completely absorbed. Do not use immediately after depilation or in the case of skin irritation.


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