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On 18 September 2021, Laboratorios Viñas celebrated the 110th anniversary of the opening of Farmacia Internacional on Las Ramblas in Barcelona.

There are few companies in Spain with such a long history that have been able to remain at its original premises and still be an independent family-owned laboratory.

The company's interest in and commitment to research have resulted in the creation of numerous proprietary formulas that have generated a variety of original products which, in turn, through doctors and pharmacists, have been improving the health and quality of life of people for over a century.

This extensive experience has served to strengthen the company's resolve to continue along the path set by the pharmacist Pedro Viñas.

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Creation of Farmacia Internacional

On Monday, 18 September 1911, Pedro Viñas inaugurated Farmacia Internacional, which has its own laboratory. It was the precursor to Laboratorios Viñas.

Launch of Radio Salil,

a product that is still being marketed today.

Launch Ruamba

powerful restorative, which continued to be manufactured until 1959.

International Exhibition 1929

Presentation of the Laboratorios Viñas products in this contest held in Barcelona.

Laboratorios Viñas Sociedad Anónima

On 13 August 1932, Laboratorios Viñas became a public limited company.

Advertise on the cover of La Vanguardia


The founder's death

On 1 November 1948, Pedro Viñas passed away in Barcelona from septicaemia.

Entry of the second generation into the family business


Transfer to Torrent d'en Vidalet

On 3 February 1951, the Barcelona Industry Delegation authorised the transfer of Laboratorios Viñas, S.A. to the Torrent d'en Vidalet 29 building.

Creation of the Laboratorios Viñas Research Department


New headquarters in Calle Provença in Barcelona


Entry of the third generation into the family business

The company expanded into the production of its own patented raw materials.

Creation of the Pharma Division (OTC and Dermocosmetics)


75th Anniversary of Laboratorios Viñas


Creation of the Dermatology Division


Economic crisis

With the delisting of Nevrotal, which was the laboratory's main product with a 60% of its turnover, from the Proprietary Medicinal Products Catalogue, Laboratorios Viñas prioritised human and social aspects instead of reducing the workforce.

Launch of Capsicin


Laboratorios Viñas facilities in Rubí


A century of Laboratorios Viñas


Creation of the Gynaecology Division


The Paediatrics Division was created


Inauguration of the new offices on Calle Provença, Barcelona


Inauguration of the new medicine plant in Rubí


110 years of Laboratorios Viñas

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