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Hair loss

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Hair loss is one of the most frequent reasons for visits to the dermatologist.

There are times of the year, especially in the autumn, when there is an increased amount of hair loss.

Causes of hair loss

Apart from seasonal hair loss , the rhythm of life (stress), a diet lacking in essential nutrients, hormonal imbalances, post-partum, the menopause, thyroid disorders, infections, some medications for blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol, anaemia, contraceptives, etc., can have side effects that affect hair growth and cause greater hair loss.

Stress is one of the causes of many hair disorders. During stressful and anxious times, the adrenal gland works excessively and produces more adrenaline than necessary, which increases testosterone, causing the hair to weaken. In stressful situations there is also an increase in nutritional requirements, which means that in many cases the intake of nutrients through our diet is not enough. The body allocates its resources to what is vitally important, and due to the fact that the hair is not essential for survival, it is the first to show the symptoms of these nutritional deficiencies.

The effects of hair loss

Hair loss is trauma, and can become a severe problem that affects the self-confidence of the sufferer, whether male or female, having an impact on their power of seduction, which may become an obsession.

When more than 150 hairs are lost, the hair is most likely weak. It is easy to know when we have this problem; by simply looking at the brush we have a clear indicator of the quality and quantity of the hair we lose daily. 

How to avoid hair loss

To avoid hair loss, a specific nutritional supplement is of great help, since it acts at the root of the problem and activates the self-regulation of the body itself, stopping excessive hair loss. The effects are usually noticeable from the first month, although it is advisable to keep up with the treatment for a minimum of three months.

The use of other products such as mild shampoos with a high conditioning power, repairing and protective masks, etc., will also contribute to maintaining good healthy hair.

Stress is a factor that can affect hair loss and it is one we must try to control. Exercise, relaxation techniques, a balanced diet and some natural products can help us to combat it.

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