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Oral and dental care

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Oral care is essential for maintaining correct oral health and achieving white, stain-free teeth.

The mouth is a vital organ of our body. We use it to express ourselves, talk, laugh, eat. Our mouth says a lot about us. That is why it is essential to take good care of it.

Oral diseases

Oral diseases are currently the third most common human health problem in the world. It is now known that the main cause of these diseases is bacterial plaque, and that appropriate dental care can prevent it from forming.

Tooth decay and gum disease are the most frequent oral diseases. According to the data available on oral health, between 60% and 90% of schoolchildren have tooth decay and serious types of gum disease, which can cause tooth loss, affecting between 5% and 20% of adults.

The World Health Organization highlights that having correct hygiene habits could reduce the impacts of these diseases.

Dental plaque and oral hygiene

Oral cavities provide a warm and humid environment that is the perfect breeding ground for many micro-organisms, especially bacteria. These bacteria end up forming part of the dental plaque or biofilm, which accumulates on the surfaces of the teeth and, to a lesser extent, in the oral mucosa. Dental plaque is involved in the onset of the two most prevalent oral diseases: tooth decay and gum disease or periodontitis.

On the other hand, when dental plaque thickens and calcifies, it forms tartar, an unsightly and visible film that is frequently accompanied by dark stains on the teeth.

To ensure appropriate oral health and to have white stain-free teeth, controlling the levels of bacterial plaque is essential. Mechanical control, through tooth brushing and cleaning the gaps between the teeth, is a universally recommended practice for the entire population.

Oral care products

Laboratorios Viñas has a wide variety of products for oral care and for treating some of the most frequent oral conditions, such as canker sores, a dry mouth or toothache.

Teeth whitening

The main purpose of whitening toothpastes is to improve the appearance of the teeth, reducing stains and whitening the colour.

Extrinsic stains are those caused by an accumulation of pigments on the enamel, the outermost layer of the tooth, and intrinsic stains are those that occur in the dentin, the tissue that is under the enamel.

Mouth sores and ulcers

Mouth sores or ulcers are one of the most common disorders in the oral cavity. Around 20% of the population will suffer from recurrent sores at sometime in their lives, though they are more common in small children, adolescents and young adults and they tend to decrease with age.

Dry mouth

A dry mouth or xerostomia is the subjective feeling of having a dry mouth. This is a common reason for complaints, especially among older people. It is often associated with a decrease in salivary secretion due to a malfunction in the salivary glands.

Tooth pain

Toothache or tooth pain is the most frequent cause of dentist appointments. This pain can be acute or chronic and may be accompanied by other symptoms such as inflammation. Tooth pain is usually a secondary symptom to different inflammatory and infectious processes in the dental pulp, the tooth's inner tissue, and periodontal tissue, the tooth's supporting tissue.

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