Eyelash treatment

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Eyelashes are terminal hairs that grow from the follicles around the eye. Like hair, they are made up of keratinised dead cells, binding material, melanin granules and small amounts of water. The outer surface is made up of a series of overlapping layers made up of cuticle cells, which protect the inside, called the cortex. The cortex contributes to the shape, mechanical properties and colour of the eyelashes.

The shape of the eyelashes varies according to ethnicity. The eyelashes of Caucasian women, for example, have a greater curvature than the eyelashes of Asian women, which tend to be straighter.

The main function of the eyelashes is to protect the eyes. They prevent impurities and microorganisms from getting inside the eyeball. They also protect us against solar radiation, a very important function since without them we would continuously suffer countless irritations.

The eyelashes are arranged in a row along the edges of the eyelids with a varying thickness: on the upper eyelid we can find about 200 eyelashes, but on the lower only about 80. Eyelashes renew every 5-6 months and take 7 to 8 weeks to grow, so we must take great care of them to keep them in perfect condition.

The health and care of the eyelashes can be affected by several factors:

  • External aggression: pollution or solar radiation makes the eyelashes fragile and causes them to fall out prematurely.
  • Physiological ageing: over the years, the pigmentation of the eyelashes is reduced and their texture becomes dry, making them rough and dull.
  • Bad habits: a poor diet, excessive make-up or the use of eyelash curlers can crack and break the eyelashes.

There are many other causes that can weaken eyelashes. Certain medical treatments, such as radiation therapy, and some diseases can cause loss, as can cosmetic treatments, such as permanent eyelashes or extensions.

Eyelashes are also subjected to external aggressions such as pollution and solar radiation on a daily basis, as well as make-up and make-up removal with aggressive products.

Tips for achieving strong lashes

In order to get strong and healthy eyelashes it is advisable to follow this advice:

  • Cleansing and removing make-up from the eyelashes is an essential step in the care routine. The eyelashes act as a filter to prevent external particles from entering the eyeball. Therefore, it is necessary that we clean them properly so as to eliminate them. If make-up is worn, it should always be removed before going to sleep.
  • Revitalising and regenerating treatments are an essential resource. Compounds based on castor oil, jojoba or vitamin E, help to strengthen lashes, deeply nourishing them and providing shine and vitality.
  • The use of treatment mascaras for eyelashes, which contain substances with specific actions, such as hydrolysed keratin (strengthening), panthenol (moisturising), hyaluronic acid (moisturising and fortifying) or vitamin E (antioxidant), enhances the effects and protects eyelashes from external aggressions.
  • If you see that you are losing more than normal, you can resort to products that improve the attachment of the eyelash to the dermis, which stops them from falling out significantly. These products enhance the activity of natural keratin, prolonging the growth phase of the eyelashes.
  • The lack of certain nutrients: amino acids, vitamins, minerals, trace elements, etc. may be the cause of more brittle lashes and slower growth. Ensuring a correct diet is one of the keys to keeping eyelashes strong and healthy.

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