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Belcils Anti-Eyelash-Loss Serum

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3 ml bottle


Treatment for weakened eyelashes that reduces eyelash loss and visibly lengthens them in only 15 days*.

This is possible thanks to the trademarked Biokerafix complex, which improves the anchoring of eyelashes to the skin while also lengthening, thickening and strengthening them. It has a light, comfortable texture, and is quickly absorbed, allowing make-up to be applied afterwards.

Biokerafix complex, a trademarked innovation with three components:

  • Fixin, which stimulates the synthesis of proteins that anchor the eyelashes to the skin, for better anchoring.
  • Biotin, a potent natural stimulator of keratin synthesis that helps prolong the eyelash growth stage and delay eyelash loss.
  • Panthenol, which regenerates damaged eyelashes, strengthens them and increases their thickness.


Dermatologically and ophthalmologically tested. Suitable for people wearing contact lenses and people with with sensitive eyes and/or sensitive skin.

Results proved in efficacy studies:*

- 71% of volunteers report a reduction in eyelash loss

- 54% consider that their eyelashes are noticeably longer.

* Sensory assessment test performed on 24 volunteers for 15 days.

Apply to the eyelash line with the pencil in the morning and/or at night. Fast-absorbing fresh serum, enabling make-up to be applied immediately.

The Belcils Lash Loss Serum treatment can be combined with Belcils Intensive Regenerating Cream or Belcils Revitalising Cream for a complete Day/Night treatment.

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