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Tissue healing

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As the skin is the body’s outermost structure, it is always affected when there is a wound; even for many superficial wounds, the skin will be the only damaged bodily structure.

Accidents at home, falls, sunburn, cuts, abrasions, etc. There are many situations in which skin injuries can occur, so it is important to know about the tissue healing process, as well as how to treat a wound.

The tissue must regenerate in order to heal properly. The healing process is not the same for all individuals, it depends on multiple factors: age, nutrition, health status, drug intake, etc. The healing process can be aided by adopting specific care methods.

What is healing and how does it take place?

Healing is the biological process whereby skin is restored following damage. It involves a number of successive phases:

Occasionally, alterations may occur in this last phase of the remodelling that lead to the formation of pathological scars, such as hypertrophic or keloid scars.

How to help a wound heal

For cuts, abrasions, sunburn or superficial burns and ulcers, the steps to follow are:

Factors that interfere with the healing process

There are multiple factors that influence the delicate biological healing process:

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