Dermaloe MED

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40 g tube

Complies with the sanitary product regulations


Dermaloe MED is a non-oily gel containing an Aloe vera extract especially selected due to its acemannan and panthenol contents, for healing wounds (including post-operational wounds), cuts, grazes, irritations, cracked skin due to cold, sunburn, first and second-degree burns, bed sores (I-IV) and all cases of slow healing.

Dermaloe MED gel forms a film layer that protects the wound from the environment (air, microorganisms and contaminants) and provides hydration to facilitate the natural healing process.

Dermaloe MED gel does not stain and contains no perfume or alcohol.

After cleaning the wound, apply a small amount of Dermaloe MED gel one or more times a day with the finger tip to form a film layer covering the affected zone, including its margins. Apply as often as necessary to keep the wound hydrated. If the wound is to be covered, apply a sterile dressing humidified with the gel and affix with tape or bandaging.


  • Consult the doctor if no signs of improvement are observed after 10-14 days, or in the case of wounds and lesions that do not heal normally.
  • Suspend application of the product and consult the doctor if any skin reaction develops.
  • Application in children should be under adult supervision.
  • Do not apply to infected or deep wounds.
  • Do not place the tube in direct contact with the wound.
  • For external use. Do not swallow.

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