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Mission, Vision and Values

Mission, Vision and Values


To improve the health and the quality of life of people through innovation and excellence in our strategic therapeutic guidelines, and to contribute to the well-being of the families that make up the company.


To be a benchmark for the national pharmaceutical industry and to expanding our international presence, so as to be recognised as an innovative, reliable and socially committed company.


Laboratorios Viñas and its people share a number of values that guide their lives. Laboratorios Viñas acts on its conviction that people are its most valuable asset.



We work with commitment and dedication to improve people's lives.



We approach our work with a positive spirit, interest and enthusiasm, and a firm dedication to a job well done.



We are committed to people, to their health and well-being. And we strive to always remain true to this mission.



We blaze new trails, because one can only innovate by taking on new challenges.


A calling for service

Our objectives and strategic operations are rooted in our aim of giving the very best of ourselves through our daily work.



We innovate and reinforce our product range by generating safety throughout every phase of the process: from the detection of needs to R&D, production and commercialization.



These values form the basis of the strategic goals and actions of Laboratorios Viñas. The influence of all these values on the management of the business and its daily work is fundamental and in times of hardship they have served as a source of inspiration and motivation.

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