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Children’s health

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Laboratorios Viñas' tradition of manufacturing medicinal and pharmaceutical products for children’s health dates back to its origins.

This special group of patients often requires the use of unique pharmaceutical forms that are suited to their age.

The medicines and products for a variety of paediatric conditions always take into account the appropriate characteristics for this age group.


In the first years of their life, children go through various learning stages and start to become aware of the world around them for themselves. During this development and socialisation process, dangerous situations unavoidably occur: falls, bumps, fights. etc., which will be part of their learning. These situations can lead to small superficial lesions as a result of a bumps that require the use of products specifically formulated for children's delicate skin.

Bites and stings

As they are exposed to nature, children can suffer skin discomfort due to contact with an animal or plant, and these can leave their own characteristic mark (bites and stings). The severity of the pain and itch of the bite or sting depends on the animal or plant they have come into contact with.

Molluscum contagiosum

Molluscum contagiosum is a common infection caused by a poxvirus. Its lesions consist of papules with a central depression. The number is highly variable (it can reach into the hundreds). It particularly affects young children, causing school epidemics. It is less common in adults. They are located in any part of the body and are generally grouped together in a specific area, but can be scattered around. It is a highly contagious infection (through swimming pools, shared objects – sponges, towels, etc. -, and direct skin-to-skin contact). It is self-limiting, but can often remain unchanged for months or years.

Iron supply

There is an increased need for a supply of iron in situations such as growth, cognitive development, intense physical and mental activity, or recurrent infections. According to data from the WHO (World Health Organization), iron deficiency is the most common and widespread nutritional disorder in the world, and it is estimated that 15% of children in Spain suffer from an iron deficiency.

The need for iron among infants, children and adolescents is greater, so it is important to ensure there is an adequate amount of this nutrient in their diet.

First teeth

Teething is the formation and development process of teeth within the oral cavity.

The first teeth (or milk teeth) begin to appear around 6-7 months, and the process is usually complete at around the age of 3. While the definitive teeth begin to appear at the age of 6.

The teething process is occasionally associated with inflammation of the gums and pain.

Appetite stimulation

In certain circumstances appetite stimulation is necessary.

Anorexia, a loss of appetite or a poor appetite are shown by a lack of interest in or even a rejection of food, which continuously occurs at mealtimes, and these issues are more common in the early and late stages of life - childhood and old age.

If a loss of appetite is accompanied by weight loss, a paediatrician should be consulted to identify the cause and correct it.

Nappy rash

Moisture, occlusion, maceration, contact with urine and/or faeces, produce an irritant dermatitis in the nappy area, also known as nappy rash.

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