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Hot feet

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A sedentary lifestyle, smoking, pregnancy, obesity or standing for hours on end are common situations that can cause a sensation of tired legs, swelling and hot feet.

Summer is a time of year when tired feet and legs require special attention. In the heat the veins dilate, especially those in the legs and feet which bear more pressure, circulation slows down, a greater volume of blood becomes concentrated in the area, swelling occurs and all this leads to a feeling of tiredness or even pain.

Walkers and runners often experience hot feet or a burning sensation. Quite often, this overheating is caused by problems related to socks and shoes, as well as fatigue after a long workout.

How to prevent feet from overheating

To avoid and mitigate this disorder, it is essential to live a healthy lifestyle that helps to maintain good blood circulation. It is recommended to follow a healthy diet, do exercise and watch your weight, avoid clothes that are too tight or wearing compression tights, and applying cold to the body with cold-water baths or showers or using special products is good.

Hydration is also basic care. Applying a specific moisturiser via a massage, applying pressure with the thumbs from the heel to the toes, will help to alleviate overheating and the feeling of tired feet.

Finally, resting with your feet slightly elevated, placing a pillow under them, will also help prevent and alleviate the overheating sensation.

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