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High tolerance make-up

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Make-up is part of the daily beauty rituals for many women. Through the use of make-up we accentuate our most attractive features and hide those little imperfections or signs of fatigue that can diminish the beauty of our faces. With it being such a sensitive area, it is important to use a high tolerance treatment make-up that is suitable for sensitive eyes.

The area around the eyes is the most sensitive and delicate part of the entire face. Therefore, it requires products that are fully safe.

The balanced combination and the correct application of decorative cosmetics for the periocular area are, without a doubt, a key element in how a person looks. This range of products includes eyelash mascaras, eye-liners, eyebrow pencils, concealers and highlighters, etc.

Eyelash make-up

Applying mascara is essential for any make-up look, but if it is not done with the right products, there may be consequences. In fact, the wrong mascara is one of the main causes of eyelash weakness and drooping. Mascara with many fixatives or solvents can weaken eyelashes, making them thinner, damaging their natural pigment and cause them to lose density.

This not only causes an aesthetic problem, because besides being beautiful, the eyelashes also protect the eye by preventing external agents from getting inside it.

Furthermore, the use of the wrong mascara could cause eye problems, such as allergies, itching, tearing or redness.

Types of mascara

There are different types of mascara depending on their effects:

There are also mascaras that combine different effects at the same time, for example, mascaras that provide volume, length and curvature.

Eyebrow make-up

It is important to note that, in addition to fashion, eyebrows are part of the eye contour. Any product that we put in contact with the eyebrows will also inevitably be in contact with the delicate skin of the area around the eyes. Therefore, to take care of the health of the eye and its contour, it is important to use suitable products for eyebrow make-up.

Eyebrow pencils are products that aim to accentuate the presence of the eyebrows, modify their profile and adapt it to facial aesthetics. Its colour should closely resemble that of the eyebrow hairs.

Differences between a corrector and a highlighter

Many people are unaware of the difference between a corrector and a highlighter. The corrector, as its name suggests, is used to correct blemishes, dark circles, pimples, scars, etc., whereas the highlighter enhances the areas where we apply it, making them stand out more. For example, the arch of the eyebrow, to open up your eyes or the outside of the tear duct, to highlight the entire eye area.

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