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Sweaty feet

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There are more than 250,000 sweat glands in the plantar area, which are the cause of sweaty feet. This is far greater than in other parts of the body. Sweating is a normal process and is usually temporary. At different stages of life when the body undergoes changes, such as puberty, sweating can become excessive.

When sweat production is within normal parameters, its presence indicates that the organism is working properly as this is how the body eliminates toxins and waste elements. However, excessive sweating is always due to some specific cause that can be circumstantial and temporary (high fever, nerves) or become chronic (as a consequence of a thyroid problem, decompensation of blood sugar levels or nervous system disorders), and in these cases excessive sweating is considered a major condition that must be treated.

Bad odour

Bad foot odour can be caused by excessive sweating. Poor hygiene exacerbates this problem, although in most cases it happens to people with good hygiene habits. Although it is not serious, having smelly feet can have very negative psychological consequences for the person who suffers from it, since personal and social relationships are often affected.

Foot fungus

High humidity, the absence of light and the lack of ventilation for the feet when they spend most of their time locked in footwear make this area of the body one of the most prone to the development of microorganisms, mainly fungi, which are responsible for different conditions that can affect both skin and nails. This group of dermatological lesions, caused by fungi, is called mycosis.

To prevent the appearance of these conditions, it is important to adopt good habits and specific care.

Caring for sweaty feet

To avoid both excess perspiration and bad odour and to prevent fungal infections, it is important to have good hygiene, use breathable shoes and socks made of natural fibres, and apply products that keep the sweating under control.

When the bad foot odour does not disappear with the most common treatments, it is advisable to consult a dermatologist or podiatrist to help to identify the problem and solve it once and for all.

There are factors such as stress, anxiety or rising temperatures that contribute to sweating at certain times. Our feet sweat more when we wear very tight shoes in hot weather or when made with non-breathable materials. Therefore, it is also important to alternate between footwear, to avoid excess moisture.

Lastly, to prevent the spread of foot infections, you should avoid going barefoot in public places such as gyms, swimming pools or showers.

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