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Hair and nail care

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Caring for hair and nails requires special attention as they are structures attached to the skin that help to protect us from the environment, they increase touch sensitivity and, in the case of nails, they help us to make more precise movements.

Both structures are made of keratin, a structural protein rich in sulphur-containing amino acids like cystine. As they are tissues that are constantly regenerating themselves, they need essential nutrients (amino acids, trace elements and vitamins) which are included in a healthy balanced diet. Unsuitable dietary habits can lead to frail and brittle nails and/or weak hair with a loss of shine and no flexibility.

Both structures are exposed to constant external aggressive factors (local action by physical and chemical agents, repeated microtraumas, frequent immersion in water, the sun, etc.) and internal aggressive factors (genetics, hormone levels, stress, pregnancy, menopause, etc.), which can affect their structure and function.

Hair loss

Between 100,000 and 150,000 hairs on the human body are found on the scalp.

The hair is constantly renewed and replaced by others of the same size and length. The scalp's hair follicles have periods of growth and rest, known as the "hair life cycle". It consists of 3 phases:

Losing around 50-100 hairs a day is considered normal. In general, detached hair leaves room for new hair, leading to a regeneration of our hair.

When there is a loss of more than 150 hairs, the hair is most likely weak. It is easy to know when we have this problem; by simply looking at the brush we have a clear indicator of the quality and quantity of the hair we lose daily.


Alopecia is the premature loss of hair or its absence in one or several areas of the body, either temporarily or permanently.

Sometimes the hair loss is irreversible. This happens when the scalp's hair follicles are destroyed for some reason and the hair no longer regenerates itself. This is known as scarring alopecia. There are several causes behind this permanent hair loss: congenital losses, tumours, scalp infections, as well as different skin diseases.


The fact that the nails are always unprotected and exposed to multiple external aggressions affects their integrity. Daily care using specific products to protect, moisturise and regenerate the nails will help us enhance their vitality and natural beauty. Providing the essential nutritional elements for nail growth and maintenance through a food supplement will also contribute to them being in a good condition with greater resistance and protection.

Laboratorios Viñas: experts in hair and nail treatments

As specialists in the treatment of alopecia, Laboratorios Viñas has a complete set of topical and oral medications, as well as nutrient supplements for hair and nails.

Laboratorios Viñas has been the Sponsor of the Spanish Trichology Group of the Spanish Academy of Dermatology and Venereology (AEDV) since it was founded.

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