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Hand and foot care

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Feet are usually forgotten about when caring for our body, despite being a vital part of it and the fact that their condition has an effect on our general health. The fact that they are almost always enclosed in shoes and are a barely exposed body part makes us easily forget about them and we only remember them when they send us a sign that something is not right. Then, we realise that their condition affects our general health, that they play a fundamental role in our body. They carry our weight all day long, whether its walking, playing sports, working or, simply, standing up without moving.

Unlike feet, our hands are a visible part of our bodies, exposed to external factors. Hands are a basic tool in our daily life. We use them to express ourselves, work, eat, move, wave, caress, etc.

Laboratorios Viñas is aware of the importance of treating feet and hands the way they deserve, and so offers solutions for all the directions associated with caring for these two body parts, which are so essential in our daily life.

Tired feet

Tired feet is usually occasional and related to long walks or standing up for long periods of time. It usually disappears with rest and after applying specific products for tired feet.

Dry feet

Very dry feet are more likely to suffer from lesions such as cracking, and are therefore more vulnerable to infections caused by bacteria and fungi.

Sweaty feet

Bad foot odour can be caused by excessive perspiration because it creates an environment for contamination from bacteria or fungi.

Hot feet

In summer, with the increase in temperatures, it is advisable to be more vigilant and take care of your feet if they get overly hot, which is a frequent disorder at this time of year.

Diabetic foot

People suffering from diabetes deserve a special mention. The lack of sensitivity in the limbs, combined with poor blood circulation, make diabetics especially vulnerable to foot health complications.

Rehabilitative treatment for feet and hands

Rehabilitation or physical rehabilitation therapy for the hands and feet is aimed at rehabilitating patients as much as possible and providing them with the maximum physical, mental, social and occupational independence. Voluntary movement is an essential requirement for an active life. Therefore, a loss of mobility in the hands or feet leads to functional impairment and an inability to carry out daily tasks.

An essential part of the rehabilitation treatment consists of performing specific bending and extension movements, as well as stretching. This type of exercise can help strengthen the muscles and thus improve mobility in the limbs. In the case of osteoarthritis of the hands it is a good idea to do these exercises in a container with hot water, as the heat will also help to reduce stiffness. Although it is best not to do them during inflammatory outbreaks.

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