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Sleep health care

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Why is getting good rest important?

Human beings spend approximately one third of their life in sleeping. We need sleep to survive since it is a biological necessity like eating and drinking water. Looking after your rest helps you to restore both physical and psychological functions for optimum performance.

While we sleep, we restore our cellular energy, the homeostasis of the central nervous system and all other tissues. Sleep also plays an important role in learning processes and memory.

The stages of sleep

The number of hours of sleep required varies from person to person; although the daily average is 7 and a half hours, there is a range that varies from 4 ("little sleepers") to 10 hours ("big sleepers"), and these values are considered as normal.

We need to sleep and then be awake, and vice versa. This daily sleep-wake cycle is called the circadian rhythm. Circadian rhythms are mainly affected by light and darkness.

Depending on brain activity, there are different sleep stages:

Normally, the night-time sleep for adults is structured into 5-6 cycles of 60-90 minutes.

Sleep disorders

Although sleep disorders in themselves are not serious, they do have serious implications on daily life: a lack of energy, physical exhaustion, poor performance, and difficulty concentrating or remembering, headaches, muscle and toothache, daytime sleepiness, mood swings, and difficulty meeting professional or personal obligations.

At Laboratorios Viñas we offer solutions to look after your rest and disorders that are caused by lack of sleep.

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