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Urinary well-being

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The urinary tract is the set of organs responsible for the production, storage and expulsion of urine.

The purpose of urine is to eliminate nitrogenous metabolic waste (urea, creatinine, uric acid) and other toxic substances from the body.

The urinary tract consists of the following organs:

In women, the urethral tract is shorter than in men and the urethra is closer to the anus. For this reason, women tend to suffer discomfort more frequently than men.

However, despite being better protected, men can also be prone to complications.

We refer to urinary well-being as the optimal state of the urinary tract and the physiological conditions that allow good urinary health.

In women, maintaining good vulvovaginal health also plays a significant role.

Pregnancy and the menopause are two occasions in a woman's life when extreme care must be taken and special attention must be paid, since the risk of suffering discomfort increases considerably.

Good habits that help care for the urinary tract and maintain vulvovaginal health


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