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Belcils launches two essential products for the most sensitive eyes

Belcils launches two essential products for the most sensitive eyes


Eyes play the starring role in every look, day or night. They are a key facial feature and are very delicate, as is the eye contour skin, which shows signs of ageing: in addition to wrinkles and sagging skin, the passage of time causes increased sensitivity due to further thinning of what is already a fine and delicate area.


It is also important not to forget the importance of the “frame” of the eyes, the brows. Thick and well defined brows bring unique personality and attractiveness to the face. But excessive plucking as well as problems such as alopecia and seborrheic dermatitis render them sparse, grey and barely visible, almost completely erasing the face’s expressiveness.


Not just any product will do to bring eyes back into the spotlight. People with sensitive eyes and simply wearers of contact lenses (which can cause dry eyes) should take care with the products they use.


Two essential eye make-up products


Belcils, the sensitive eye care and beauty specialist brand, is launching two essential new eye make-up products, Belcils Hypoallergenic Highlighter and Belcils Dual-Colour Eyebrow Pencil. The perfect duo to flaunt fresh and rested eyes that steal the show.


Belcils Hypoallergenic Highlighter is an illuminating make-up product applied to bring light to certain areas of the face. Its formula with Dermaxyl and vitamin E beautifies the eyes, reduces expression lines and wrinkles, and minimises signs of tiredness. It contains light-diffusing pigments to cover and conceal imperfections, bringing instant luminosity to the face.  


Its fluid texture, which comes in a single shade, adapts to your skin and is recommended for all women looking to bring a touch of light to their eyes while treating signs of ageing. Hypoallergenic and tested under dermatological and ophthalmological control, it is especially indicated for contact lens wearers or people with highly sensitive skin and tolerance problems.


Belcils Dual-Colour Eyebrow Pencil, in a duo of brown tones, with its core enriched with Japanese tree wax, fills in, defines and shapes brows with total safety. It incorporates a brush to smudge and comb the pencil strokes, offering a very natural appearance. Hypoallergenic and tested under dermatological and ophthalmological control, it is especially indicated for contact lens wearers or people with sensitive eyes and/or skin and tolerance problems.


These two products combine perfectly for high-tolerance eye make-up, even in cases of extreme sensitivity, with an attractive and natural result. First, define and shape your brows with the pencil, combing through to fill in, and finally apply the highlighter to the eyebrow arch for a more natural look and a lift effect.


On sale in pharmacies and parapharmacies.


Beauty tips


How to define eyebrows


Use a long pencil to act as a guide to help you mark the key points.


  •  Place the pencil over your lip and direct it towards the outer part of the wing of the nose. Where it passes through the brow, the pencil will mark where it starts.
  • To mark the second key point on the eyebrow, look straight ahead and place the pencil parallel to the iris, vertically, to mark the highest point of the brow.
  • Finally, to locate the point where the brow should end, use the pencil to join the corner of the lip with the outer corner of the eye. This will give you the exact spot.
  • Once you have marked the key points to correctly design your brow, apply Belcils Dual-Colour Eyebrow Pencil, filling in all of the missing hairs within your outline and covering the finest and whitest hairs.
  • Brush through to harmonise the effect. Since this is a long-lasting product, you can rest assured that your brows will remain perfect for hours.


 Where to apply the highlighter


Which strategic areas of the face can be brightened with Belcils Hypoallergenic Highlighter for a radiant look with no trace of tiredness?


  • Outside the tear duct, between the brows and at the temples to open up the eyes.
  • In the eyebrow arch for an eyelid lift effect.
  • Over the cheekbones to sculpt the face.
  • In the wings of the nose to avoid shadows.
  • In the centre of the chin to harmonise the facial contour.
  • In the centre of the forehead to bring more luminosity to the face.


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