Emolienta Foot

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30 ml tube


The skin on our feet is frequently subject to factors that can deteriorate the epidermal barrier: rubbing, heat, intense sweating, bad circulation, etc. This deterioration encourages the appearance of dry, flaky skin, which is thin, shiny and cracked.

Atopic children very frequently suffer from this foot condition; in these cases making necessary a consultation to the dermatologist.

Diabetic patients may suffer from intense dryness due to poor circulation. Moisturisation is particularly important to avoid cracked skin, ulcers or superinfections.

Emolienta Foot, thanks to its specific formula, supplies essential lipids to restore the epidermal barrier, re-establishing the so-called hydrolipid mantle of the feet skin, and preventing dryness, cracking and excess flaking. Emolienta Foot is also an anhydrous cream.

Emolient Foot is rapidly absorbed by massaging in, without leaving any residue, and it is especially indicated for sensitive skins and in “risk” diabetic foot.

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It should be used once a day, most preferably at night, before going to bed, leaving it to act overnight. If necessary, it can be applied twice a day, or more frequently.

First, wash and thoroughly dry your feet. Then apply a small amount of EMOLIENTA FOOT, massaging it into the feet until completely absorbed, particularly between the toes and the top and soles of the feet.

Diabetic foot – Risk foot

Apply Emolienta Foot to the top and soles of the feet, gently and repeatedly massaging it into the feet until is completely absorbed (leaving no trace of the product).

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