Emolienta Nasal

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10 ml tube with cannula

Reparatory and moisturising perinasal ointment.

Environmental factors such as the cold, the sun and the wind, and personal factors such as predisposal to sensitive skin, the very frequent use of handkerchiefs and/or paper tissues during cold processes and the use of certain medicinal products, are some of the possible triggers of perinasal areas dryness. This dryness takes the form of irritation in the area, which can even become cracked.

Emolienta Nasal is a reparatory ointment with an intense moisturising-emulsifying action that helps to restore a proper structure and degree of moisturisation to the perinasal area.

Its cannula enables suitable application to the area to be treated. Emolienta Nasal is indicated for the treatment of dryness caused by the use of isotretinoin, colds, cold weather and other nasal conditions. The clinical results support its high moisturising capacity, the reduction of epistaxis and its excellent tolerability.

Fragrance free.

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Apply to the perinasal area and massage gently to guarantee proper distribution of the product.

Do not blow your nose in order to prolong the contact time between the ointment and the affected area for as long as possible.


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