Hidracel Mat

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50 ml tube

Hidracel Mat is a moisturising mattifying cream for combination skin. With its light texture, which can be spread very easily, it is absorbed fast, providing the skin with a comfortable feeling of freshness and a perfect finish.

The moisturising action of Hidracel Mat is due to its Hygroplex HHG complex, which provides the skin with physiological components forming the “Natural Moisturising Factor”, which are able to moisturise the skin by retaining and maintaining its natural water content, whilst simultaneously preventing water loss.

The mattifying action is achieved by its spherical silica particles, with significant fat-absorbing power, whilst producing an effect known as the "soft focus" effect in the skin, which consists of a special light reflection that optically masks shine, thus acquiring a satin-like velvety appearance, without making the skin look dull.

Always apply over perfectly clean, dry skin. Hidracel Mat is a cream preferably for daytime use, though it can be applied at any time of the day and also at night.

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