Hiposudol Wipes

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Wipes 3 ml (10 sachets)

Wipes 3 ml (20 sachets)

Single-dose towels embedded with an alcohol solution of 20% hexahydrated aluminium chloride, with a powerful anti-perspirant effect. Indicated to regulate excessive sweating in the armpits, hands and feet. Its use is also recommended for preventing the excessive sweating that enhances the persistence of infections, thus reducing recurrence.

Its application is easy and hygienic, with good tolerability and an excellent safety profile.

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Apply once every night for a week, and then whenever required (2-3 times a week, or every 2 weeks).

Apply to areas affected by excess perspiration. The product should be applied before going to bed, to absolutely dry skin, ensuring no moisture remains from previous bathing or washing, or using a dryer before application in case of perspiration. Leave the product to work overnight. Next morning, wash the area with soap and water, to remove any remains.

Do not apply hair-removal or shaving products, or cologne or other alcohol-based preparations, to the area treated, for 48 hours before and after each use of the product.


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