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200 ml bottle

It is the ideal complement for the anti-rheumatic and rehabilitation treatment of numb and stiff hands and feet. Pan-reumol combines the efficacy of its active ingredients (magnesium sulphate, extracts of lime flower, common marigold and chamomile) with the benefit of enveloping warmth.

The active ingredients of the formulation dissolved in hot water have the properties of vitalising the hands, which are soft after the bath, with smooth skin and a pleasant feeling of elasticity, well-being and comfort.

Pan-reumol is a completely safe thermal bath for the hands and feet, supplied in a pleasant pharmaceutical form, and it is the most convenient, effective and cheapest alternative to paraffin baths.

In order to obtain the maximum benefit from using the hand bath, it should be used twice a day, as soon as you get up in the morning and before bedtime, for at least ten consecutive days.

In a large container where there is room to stretch both hands, pour 2 to 3 litres of hot water (at a temperature of 37 to 41ºC). Then add the contents of a cap of hand bath and stir until the active substances are completely mixed.

Gradually submerge both hands in the water. After two or three minutes in hot water, start making small movements with the hands, and gradually make larger movements until you are rubbing them with a gentle massage.

The entire hand bath should last five to six minutes. Dry the hands well with a soft towel, without rubbing them.

The hand bath is safe and does not cause any side effects. It can be used together with any other type of cosmetic or pharmacological treatment by general route (anti-inflammatory medicinal products, analgaesics, etc.).


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