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Septogin Spray

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50 ml spray

Septogin MD Spray is a product indicated for the treatment of gynecological exudative skin lesions.

Acting externally through direct topical application, zinc, copper and aluminium-potassium sulphates present in Septogin MD spray exert drying and astringent effects that eliminate exudate from exudative skin lesions. The reduction in the exudate of moist lesions with erythema, oedema, vesicles and/or secretion promotes healing of the skin. The anti-exudative effect reduces the risk of infection, relieves itching and eliminates unpleasant odours.

Septogin MD spray is suitable for use in young girls and pregnant women. Its formula is free from dyes or fragrance, pH neutral and compatible with other medicated treatments.

Indicated in the treatment of exudative gynaecological processes such as exudative vulvovaginitis, moist ‑exural dermatitis (submammary, inguinal, abdominal), intertrigo (submammary, inguinal), moist post-partum lesions (C-section incision in a fold, episiotomy dehiscence), exudative processes related to surgical procedures or to dry out genital herpes, among other things. Indicated to reduce the exudate of moist lesions with erythema, oedema, vesicles and/or secretion.

Promotes skin healing.

Reduces and prevents the risk of infection by pathogenic microbes.


Spray directly onto affected areas of the external genitalia 3 or 4 times. Repeat twice daily, preferably morning and night until the exudate or moisture disappears.

If desired, spray onto a gauze, cotton pad or compress until soaked in solution, and then apply to the affected area as a poultice for a few minutes, twice daily.


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