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 60 ml tube


Exfoliating, renovating face mask treatment combining substances with degreasing and comedolytic properties to improve the appearance of oily acne-susceptible skin types.

The sulphur contained in its composition exerts an exfoliating effect and deeply cleanses the follicle, suppressing the comedo and preventing the formation of papules and pustules. The presence of zinc oxide, with softening and drying properties, enhances the absorption of skin fluids such as sweat and oil. It contains camphor, a skin tonic with an immediate freshening effect.

Its pharmaceutical form has a unique, proven efficacy and is easy to apply and remove. Compatible with topical antibiotic therapy and systemic therapies.


Spread the mask with fingers as you would with a cream, evenly and in an upwards direction, avoiding eye contours and mucous membranes (inside of the nose, mouth, etc.). The mask can also be used on for the neck, chest and back.

Allow to dry for a few minutes, and then wash off with lukewarm water.

Use the treatment mask once a day, preferably at night. We recommend starting the treatment every other day for the first month. For maintenance treatments, apply twice a week.


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