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Emolienta Scalp: a new, fast and lasting solution for itchy scalp


An itchy scalp is one of the most common reasons for consulting a dermatologist: up to 44.2% of the population suffers from it, with it being more frequent in women. It can be a mild to severe itch, some also define it as a burning or stinging sensation, tightness or even pain.

The causes can be very varied, sometimes associated with psoriasis or dermatitis, but there is often no specific reason behind the onset of this disorder. Even so, there are several factors that recur in many of the patients who suffer from this problem. In many cases the frequency of hair washing, using a shampoo that is too aggressive or overusing the hair-dryer are the reasons behind this itching. Other reasons are related to external protection; both the cold and the heat affect the skin and the scalp is rarely protected by special products for this purpose. This is without mentioning the impact of pollution on our health!

Last but not least, we should highlight the impact that stress has on the skin and scalp, by extension. Overexertion, a heavy workload or a personal problem can weaken the skin barrier and problems such as itchy scalp often appear.

A vicious circle

Whatever the reason, when the protective barrier of the scalp is weakened and is disturbed, it results in micro-inflammation that is not visible but causes discomfort.

Itching occurs when small micro-inflammations of the scalp cause the release of Substance P, which is what creates the need to scratch. Every time the patient scratches, the skin becomes more inflamed and more Substance P is released, creating a vicious circle that becomes very annoying. This continuous itching can affect sleep, rest and concentration or affect our social life. In addition, scratching can cause wounds that, in turn, can become infected, thus becoming a more serious and painful problem. 

A new solution with fast, lasting results

Emolienta Scalp joins the full Emolienta range, which Laboratorios Viñas has been working on for more than 25 years with the aim of providing specific solutions to the skin’s different needs. The new Emolienta Scalp has been developed specifically for itchy scalp and joins the dermatological range for the body, hands, feet, nails or lips.

Emolienta Scalp is available in an emollient fluid gel. It provides fast and lasting relief from the itching sensation after its first application. Thus, constant scratching of the scalp can be prevented.This product has been dermatologically tested, demonstrating a high level of efficacy for the relief of an itchy scalp and has a good tolerability profile.

Excellent data was obtained after 15 days of treatment: Emolienta Scalp demonstrated efficacy  in reducing itching in 98% of patients with a 99% tolerability rate. The new formula is suitable for all skin types in adults and children from 3 years of age.

An exclusive formula from Laboratorios Viñas

The ingredients in the composition of Emolienta Scalp have been carefully selected to ensure both effectiveness and safety. Thus, its main active ingredients manage to eliminate itching quickly for extended periods and moisturise the area to prevent any reappearance:

How to apply it

Emolienta Scalp comes in a package with a special applicator nozzle to facilitate the application of the fluid gel so that it comes into contact with the scalp. It is advisable to separate strands of hair from the affected area, then apply fine lines of the product with the applicator nozzle and massage in. It is important to massage thoroughly to ensure that the product is evenly distributed.

You should apply Emolienta Scalp at night to allow it to work, and rinse it of in the morning, although rinsing is not essential. You should use it once a day for at least 15 days, although in severe cases the number of applications can be increased. If itching persists Emolienta Scalp can be applied regularly.

What else can I do for my scalp?

There are many cases in which hair is a major concern. Masks and other special products to achieve healthy and shiny hair with no scalp care. It is easy to forget that this is the basis for healthy hair, avoiding hair loss and many other problems.

To care for the scalp, you should take the following steps:

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