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Pharmachups Tosichup: lollipops with natural ingredients that dissolve in your mouth to soothe your throat


Coughing is the body's natural reaction in response to the presence of an irritant in the respiratory system. It is a beneficial reflex, as it allows us to expel foreign bodies and keep our airways clear.

The problem comes when we suffer from a continuous cough that irritates the throat, in addition to driving the calmest person up the wall. This is, without doubt, very annoying. Even more so for children, who wake up every time they cough and then their coughing prevents them from falling asleep again. Along with you and the whole family.

Pharmachups Tosichup with natural ingredients

Laboratorios Viñas introduces its Pharmachups, a range of child care products with natural ingredients that are taken in an effective and fun way thanks to their lollipop format. Pharmachups Tosichup is part of this product range.

Pharmachups Tosichup is a food supplement based on Altea extract, Hedera Helix extract and hyaluronic acid and fortified with honey and lemon. Altea or marshmallow root has traditionally been used for symptomatic relief from the oral or pharyngeal irritation associated with a dry cough, reducing irritation and coughing, and favouring the rehydration of the mucosa. Hedera helix is a medicinal plant traditionally used to treat respiratory conditions, which favours the dilation of the bronchi and stimulates the secretion of phlegm.

Also, hyaluronic acid is a substance naturally generated by our body and it is present in the mucous membranes of our body. Due to its powerful capacity to retain water and provide great hydration it forms a protective and soothing film over the irritated throat mucosa. In addition, the hyaluronic acid present in Pharmachups Tosichup is natural, since it is obtained thanks to biotechnology.

Among all the traditional or "grandma's" recipes used to relieve this symptom, there are some ingredients that have been shown to be effective, such as honey and lemon. The secret lies in their power to soften the throat, reducing scratchiness, while soothing throat irritation. Honey has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiseptic properties.

A child-friendly format

For a product to be effective, it must not only have an effective formula, it must also be available in the right format. More than fifty years ago Laboratorios Viñas started marketing their first lollipops, bringing the advantages of this format to the treatment of children's ailments. It is a safe format since its plastic support prevents children from swallowing the lozenge. The stick also helps the product to dissolve gradually, allowing it to act over an extended period. For children aged over 3 years.

A range to always have at home

Pharmachups, awarded Product of the Year 2023, is the range of child care products with natural ingredients in the form of fun lollipops allowing the products to be taken in an effective and easy way.

The Pharmachups family of food supplements is completed with these three basic products for the winter, ideal for any home with children:

-  Pharmachups Inmunochup, specially formulated to strengthen defences while reducing tiredness and fatigue. Its formula contains Propolis extract, Vitamin B6 which aids the normal functioning of the immune system and helps reduce tiredness and fatigue, while Vitamin E helps protect cells from oxidative damage.

Pharmachups Farinchup, which helps keep the  upper respiratory tract healthy relieving the discomfort that affects children so much. With thyme, to maintain the well-being of the upper respiratory tract, and hyaluronic acid. Its formula is reinforced with honey and lemon. It is orange flavoured, which the little ones love.

Pharmachups Oralchup Colaits formulation is based on natural hyaluronic acid and zinc, making it a very powerful product that is as effective as it is safe. Together, they hydrate the mouth's mucosa naturally by dissolving in the mouth. Its cola flavour is a children's favourite.

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