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The Sportsalil range is growing: new care products to cover the needs of amateur athletes

The Sportsalil range is growing: new care products to cover the needs of amateur athletes


Safeguarding health is within our reach. All you have to do is keep to a balanced diet and engage in regular exercise. The World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends spending at least 150 minutes a week on moderate physical activity or 75 minutes of more intense exercise.


Staying active is essential to the prevention and treatment of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) such as heart disease, strokes, diabetes, breast cancer or colon cancer. The statistics speak for themselves: NCDs are responsible for 71% of all deaths worldwide, including those of 15 million people aged 30-70 each year.


The advantages of exercise are not merely physical. Exercise is an excellent stress and aggressiveness regulator. It also helps improve sleep and boost energy levels. By causing endorphin release, it offers a feeling of wellbeing. In addition, by improving muscle tone and reducing fat levels, it makes us feel more attractive.


Our goal: to cover athletes’ needs


Although 26% of the Spanish population continues to be sedentary, the latest survey by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport in 2015 shows a 9.2% increase in the number of people taking exercise compared with the survey from 2010.


Aware of the growing importance of sport in our lives, Laboratorios Viñas has developed Sportsalil, a range of specific products to cater to amateur and professional athletes’ needs before, during and after exercise.


The existing range made up of Sportsalil Ice Spray and Sportsalil Heat Band and Patch, indicated for muscle care, Sportsalil Articular, for joint protection and Sportsalil Roll-on Deodorant, to boost hygiene, is now extended with Sportsalil Relax CreamSportsalil Anti-Rubbing and Sportsalil Footcare.


Don’t let pain stop you


We all like to improve our performance, but sometimes pain or fear of injuring ourselves can slam the brakes on our potential. Sports massage is an excellent strategy for eliminating fatigue and preventing injuries since it allows us to improve blood flow to the muscles and eliminate toxins.


-  Thanks to its fluidtexture and easy absorption, Sportsalil Relax Cream is ideal for massage application. Developed with a combination of plant extracts (Arnica montana, Camomile and Ginkgo biloba) and other ingredients, it hydrates skin and procures a calming and refreshing sensation, an effect which is boosted by its pleasant camomile aroma.


Tested by athletes and physiotherapists at the San Cugat Training CentreSportsalil Relax Cream gained a general satisfaction percentage of 79% among athletes and 97% among physiotherapists. In both cases, the evaluation of the residue level after product application was 100% satisfactory (*).


Sportsalil Relax Cream is ideal for people looking to relieve muscle discomfort caused by sport or daily activities, and it is especially well suited to people looking for products based on plant extracts or those who do not wish to use heat effect creams.


Directions for use: apply a sufficient quantity of Sportsalil Relax Cream and massage the affected area until completely absorbed. Repeat as often as necessary.


Sportsalil Relax Cream comes in two formats: a 100 ml tube and a 200 ml tube.


Keep your skin free of injuries and irritation


Well hydrated skin free of injuries is essential to prevent us from feeling limited during sport. Blisters, rubbing and irritation are our top enemies.


Sportsalil Anti-Rubbing Gel forms a pleasant film over skin, preventing rubbing against sports clothing, your own skin or sweat. Dermatologically tested, it is resistant against water, moisture and sweat. It is also fragrance-free.


Directions for use: apply a small amount of gel before exercising, to areas likely to experience rubbing and irritation, such as the groin, nipples, underarms, the inner surface of the thighs and the neck, and gently massage in. Thanks to its non-oily texture, it is easily absorbed.


Sportsalil Anti-Rubbing Gel comes in a 30 ml tube.


-  Sportsalil Footcare is an intensive moisturising cream designed for amateur athletes or people who engage in regular exercise leading to foot problems. This formula based on Enteromorpha compressa (algae), peppermint oil and glycerine can be used before or after exercise.


  • Before: prevents the appearance of blisters, rubbing and other forms of discomfort, while intensely moisturising, avoiding impact-related discomfort and friction on the foot.
  • Afterrefreshes and repairs sports lovers’ delicate feet and, thanks to its revitalising action, rebalances skin.


Directions for use: apply a small amount over the whole surface of the foot before or after exercise. Gently massage in until fully absorbed.


Sportsalil Footcare comes in a 50 ml tube.


The Sportsalil product range is on sale in pharmacies and parapharmacies.


(*) Use test carried out on 20 professional athletes at the High Performance Sports Centre of Catalonia with 6 physiotherapists.

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