Belcils Eye Make-up Remover

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Tube 75 ml


Deeply cleanses the eyelashes and the eyelids.

Smooths, tonifies and relaxes.

Light deep-cleansing and soothing gel, especially recommended for eyelash and eyelid make-up removal.

  • Gently removes mascara from your eyelashes and make-up from your eyelids.
  • It does not irritate the eyes since its pH is similar to that of human tears.
  • It is a fresh, light, non-oily product that leaves a refreshing and light sensation.
  • It cleans the eyelashes making them silky and strong.
  • It cleans the eyelids leaving them smooth and relaxed.
  • Alcohol-free.
  • Perfume-free.
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Pour the required amount of product onto cotton-wool and gently wipe your eyelids and eyelashes (from root to tip) until the last trace of make-up and mascara has disappeared. Rinsing will not be necessary afterwards.

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