Dentiblanc Intensive Whitening Action

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Dentiblanc Intensive Whitening Action is a toothpaste for mouth-and-teeth hygiene and care, with a powerful whitening effect. It is a natural product, specifically designed and developed to give teeth cleaned with it a healthy and attractive appearance. It is not a temporary whitener: it is rather a hygienic product for regular daily use.

The deep cleaning achieved through the combined action of the formula’s ingredients is significantly boosted by the papain, an enzyme obtained from the fruit of the tree known as the pawpaw or papaya (Carica papaya) which eliminates traces of protein left where toothbrushes cannot reach.

The presence of titanium dioxide, an optical whitening agent, enhances the natural white colour of the enamel by acting in synergy with the product’s other components.


Brush three times a day, for 3 minutes, preferably after meals and particularly last thing at night.


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