Dentiblanc Mouthwash

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Bottle 500 ml

Dentiblanc Mouthwash is an alcohol-free solution for daily mouth rinsing. It is an original, natural product complementing the whitening action of Dentiblanc toothpastes. Its continued use with any Dentiblanc toothpaste returns teeth to their natural white colour.

The Dentiblanc Mouthwash formula is reinforced with papain, an enzyme in papaya fruit, which dissolves the food remnants hidden where brushes cannot reach and enhances the natural white colour of teeth.

Dentiblanc Mouthwash freshens the breath and prevents halitosis thanks to its pleasant mint content.

Use after brushing your teeth, once or twice a day. Fill 15 ml of undiluted product (see measuring cap) and rinse the entire mouth cavity for 30 seconds to ensure good product penetration. Do not rinse with water afterwards.


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