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Dentiblanc PRO Whitening Toothpaste

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Tube 100 ml

Dentiblanc PRO Whitening is a toothpaste for daily oral hygiene, with a new formula offering total protection and whitening, brightening and repairing action.

Formulated to offer 8 ACTIONS:

1/ Whitens and repairs the enamel. Contains hydroxyapatite.

2/ Prevents and eliminates stains.

3/ Brightens the enamel.

4/ Eliminates and protects against tartar and dental plaque.

5/ Remineralises the enamel and prevents caries.

6/ Hydrates the mucosal membranes.

7/ Reduces irritation of the gums.

8/ Prevents tooth sensitivity.

The complete formula of Dentiblanc PRO Whitening Toothpaste acts against dental stains with different ingredients. The non-nano hydroxyapatite particles are a natural component of dentin that smoothen and repair the cracks in tooth enamel, producing a smoother and repaired enamel surface. The low-abrasion spherical silica particles polish and whiten the enamel without damaging it. Lastly, PVP forms a protective layer on the dentin, preventing the adherence of substances that produce enamel staining, as well as bacterial plaque.

Dentiblanc PRO Whitening Toothpaste contains fluor and betaine. Fluor remineralises the enamel, thereby avoiding the gradual loss of minerals that occurs over time. Betaine hydrates the mucosal membranes and maintains the water balance of the oral cavity.

Brush three times a day, preferably after meals and especially before bedtime. Combine with Dentiblanc Whitening Mouthwash or Dentiblanc Extrafresh Mouthwash for complete oral hygiene.

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