Emolienta Nails

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15 ml tube

The nail provides protection and help for the finger in its sensitive functions, and also plays a major aesthetic role. Due to its position, the nail is exposed to external aggressions, which can affect its structure and appearance. Emolienta Nails has been designed to provide the nails with the moisturisation and elements they needed for their protection and restructuring, improving their appearance and vitality.

The components of Emolienta Nails provide the following effects: moisturising (urea, sodium hyaluronate and glycerine), emollient (sweet almond oil), restructuring (linoleic and linolenic acid esters) and protective (tocopherol acetate and dimethicone).

The continuous use of Emolienta Nails minimises the harmful effect of external aggressions on the nails.

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Apply a small amount of Emolienta Nails to the nails with the fingertip and massage in carefully. Leave it to act and repeat the operation in the morning and at night.


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