Keratix Solution

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3 g cutaneous solution with 36 adhesive patches

Complies with the sanitary product regulations

Keratix contains 25% salicylic acid in solution and is especially indicated in localised hyperkeratotic conditions with excessive desquamation and/or thickened stratum corneum (callosities or tylosis, seborrheic keratosis, hyperkeratotic warts, etc.).

Keratix has a maximum precision spatula that makes it possible to apply the solution to the affected skin area very meticulously. It also has 36 adhesive patches 19 mm in diameter, which provide an occlusive effect and potentiate the keratolytic action of the solution.

Apply once a day at night on localised hyperkeratotic areas.

Apply a small amount of the solution on the hyperkeratotic area with the spatula, avoiding contact with the healthy surrounding skin. Wait a few moments until a whitish layer appears, which indicates that the product is dry (1-2 minutes), and apply the adhesive patch on top to achieve the desired occlusion.

Leave the adhesive patch in place all night so the solution can act, and remove it in the morning.

Before reapplying the following night, clean the area with a file or rasp to remove the exfoliated tissue (this is easier to do after showering, when the skin is softened).

For intensive treatment, leave the patch on all day and replace it with a fresh patch the following night.

Repeat this process every day until the localised hyperkeratosis is eliminated.


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