Tanit Plus

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15 ml tube


Tanit Plus is the effective treatment for eliminating dark spots on skin.

It is suitable for the treatment of ephelides (freckles), chloasma (melasma), age spots, sun spots or liver spots, pregnancy spots, spots due to oral contraceptives, etc.

Tanit Plus contains Kojic Acid, a very well-known bleaching agent that, together with the action of Natural Extract of Bearberry, ultimately achieves a powerful synergistic effect, which is capable of more effective depigmentation.

It incorporates UVA and UVB sunscreens in order to avoid the tendency of the spots to darken when exposed to the direct action of sunlight. For optimal results, sunbathing should be avoided.


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Apply onto the spots only and massage in until completely absorbed. It is recommended to start with one application daily for ten days and continue with two applications daily (once in the morning and once in the evening) for two to three months. Do not interrupt applications during treatment.

The change in colour that the product may undergo on contact with the air is a natural reaction of oxidation that in no way alters the effectiveness of the product.

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