Tanit Anti-Spot Hand Cream

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50 ml tube


Tanit Anti-Spot Hand Cream is a special cream for treating pigment spots on the hands. Its formula reducesexisting blemishes thanks to the dual action of kojic dipalmitate and arbutin, which inhibit the formation of the melanin responsible for dark spots on the skin.

Nopal flower promotes natural all renewal and enhances the clarity and radiance of the skin.

Hyaluronic acid and the combination of three 100% vegetable-based waxes repair the surface of the hands while simultaneously moisturizing and revitalasing.

Tanit Anti-Spot Hand Cream also includes SPF 25 UVB + UVA that protects the skin and prevents the appearance of new spots.

Suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive. Dermatologically tested.

Tanit Anti-Spot Hand Cream has proven its depigmenting and moisturizing effects after 3 months of use. Visible results from the first month.

Patients visibly perceive the results: 95% of women reducing their dark spots *, 85% more even and radiant skin, 90% more hydrated skin ** and 85% softer and smoother skin **.

*Instrumental evaluation test conducted on 20 volunteers over 84 days.

**Sensorial evaluation test conducted on 20 volunteers over 84 days (% satisfaction).


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Apply to the back of clean, dry hands and massage until completely absorbed. Use at least morning and night, and as often as desired.


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