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Discover on the new Hiposudol website the most complete and effective range of products to combat excess sweating


When excessive sweating occurs or if it occurs without a justifying cause -increased temperature, tension, physical or emotional stress-, we may be dealing with a case of hyper sweating, a dermatological disorder estimated to affect 3% of the population, and we can fins two patterns:

With the aim of offering a practical tool for healthcare professionals and also for hyper sweating patients, Hiposudol, the range of Laboratorios Viñas products developed to treat excess sweating, is launching a new website which presents, in a rigorous and clear manner, all the information necessary to understand and treat this disorder effectively and safely.

A tool to help understand the problem and apply the best solution

The Hiposudol website explains this disorder, its possible causes and the existing alternatives to address the problem. They range from simple, easy to follow hygienic-dietary habits, to treatments for the most severe cases, through use of topical antiperspirants, which is usually the treatment of choice for hyper sweating. These, unlike deodorants, which are limited to trying to minimise the smell, inhibit sweating by partially and temporarily obstructing the excretory ducts of the sweat glands. In terms of their components, aluminium salts have been proven to be the most effective astringent substances for treatment of hyper sweating.

The Hiposudol product range offers a number of different formats, each with specific characteristics:

Detailed information on all the products can be found on , which includes very clear, visual explanations on their indications, main benefits, application method and the treatment to follow.

So that no issue remains unresolved, the website also includes a question and answer section. This covers, for example, what age Hiposudol can be used from, how long its effect lasts or whether it is possible to combine two products in the range. If, professionals or anyone affected by hyperhidrosis still has any other questions or should they wish to make a suggestion, they can also do so through the contact form provided for this.

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