Expert depigmenting brand Tanit turns 30



Tanit is celebrating its 30th birthday, a very important milestone for Laboratorios Viñas and for this range of pharmacy products synonymous with dark spot treatment and prevention.


For the past three decades, its priority has been offering the right treatment for every kind of dark spot on the skin. Over the course of thirty years, it has pampered skin and restored peace of mind to all people with dark spots, be they due to sun exposure, which is commonplace in a country like Spain with a high hours of sunlight index (8.2 hours a day), or of genetic origin. We know that they can appear on any part of the body: face, neck, hands, and body, and that they are brown in colour.


Mindful of the worry associated with dark spots, both for how they look and for health concerns, Laboratorios Viñas research gave rise to Tanit, a complete range of dark spot treatment products and, currently, the depigmenting treatment expert pharmacy brand which brings together experience and innovation and works on two levels with products that treat existing hyperpigmentation and, in turn, prevent the appearance of new dark spots.


1989: birth of the Tanit range


Throughout its history, Tanit has brought together dermatological research and innovation with the goal of treating and preventing dark spots on the skin. Over the past 30 years we have felt proud of a job well done every day, and of the commitment of everyone involved in Laboratorios Viñas. Many years of research and development of innovative formulas have allowed us to create an ultra-quality depigmenting range, product by product, with clinically proven results. And we are backed up by the consumer: Tanit is the nº 1 selling brand in products for localised dark spots on the skin.


Tanit offers a broad range of products suitable for all skin types, to treat dark spots and prevent their reappearance, with proven clinical results. They are not contraindicated in pregnancy and breastfeeding and their use is recommended all year round. It is most definitely a story teeming with memories and highlights of this dermocosmetics range.


Tanit: the recognition of a brand


Tanit reaches its 30th birthday with a history defined by evolution, research and innovation, and the desire to keep on working to make dark spots a thing of the past.


“Hold on to the memory, not the mark”as the brand suggests on its website.


And Tanit wants to be part of your very best memories.


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